QuickBooks Pro 2011QuickBooks 2011 is now shipping. Here are some of the new features for this version:

  • Customer snapshot — instant look at customer volume and payment performance
  • QuickBooks Connect — access your QuickBooks data through your mobile device or the internet (this is an optional, fee-based service)
  • QuickBooks Search — find any customer, account, report, or details with keyword search
  • Customer and Vendor History — details about past transactions for your billings and purchases
  • Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo Integration — send invoices, estimates, other QuickBooks documents out of your favorite email service
  • Balance Sheet by Class (Premier edition) — balance sheet reporting by location, department, fund
  • Inventory adjustment enhancements
  • Collections Center — email past due or almost-due customers notifications through your Outlook, Gmail or Hotmail account
  • Multiple companies open simultaneously (QuickBooks Accountant 2011)
  • Batch invoicing for repetitive billing (QuickBooks Accountant 2011)
  • User permissions, 5 concurrent users, iChat support (QuickBooks 2011 Mac version)

Any downsides to the 2011 version? The only major one I’ve heard of is a new limitation in the number of simultaneous users you can have in the Pro and Premier editions. Read about it here.

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What do you think? Do the new 2011 features look compelling for your business?

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7 thoughts on “QuickBooks 2011: Is It Right for You?

  1. Would be nice if they would add the extremely basic ability to copy timesheet data from one employee to another.

    Been asking for this since 2006.

  2. I’ve been asking for years that the program allow for deposits sitting in the deposit window be able to put in alpha or numerical order, not just date. Until this very needed feature is included with the new software, I’m sticking with the version I have. It seems like a logical request, a necessary accommodation and one that should be easy to implement. When this occurs, I’ll upgrade.

  3. This application would be so much more powerful if it was able to store more than one class code per transaction. This would essentially enable slice and dice capability either within the product or when data is exported.

    Secondly now that a non-proprietary SQL database is being used I cannot understand the limitation of the $ field size. If this was increased this could open markets where English speaking organizations have operations accross the globe, since often these are small andf the local systems used do not offer transparency.

  4. I presently use version 9 professional for windows. My computer is starting to decline so I would like to purchase the MAC 2011 version but will only do this if I can copy all of my data (history) to the MAC from the Windows version. Please let me know if this can be done.

    • The Mac versions have always been pretty different from the Windows versions. The 2011 Mac version has some new things in that users have long-wanted, like multiuser capability. But even if all the data is pulled over from your Windows data file into the Mac version, I wouldn’t expect that it will show up on the reports the same way. If I were you, I’d ask this question on the QuickBooks Forums and see what other users have experienced.

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