Intuit today announced details about the upcoming QuickBooks 2011 version:

  • Will go on sale September 27
  • Includes new batch invoicing feature for repetitive charges
  • Integrates with Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail for emailed invoicing
  • Customer snapshot gives quick look at a customer’s history and stats
  • QuickBooks Connect offered as new separately billable service to access some QuickBooks company data through the web or a mobile phone

QuickBooks Accountant Edition 2011 includes the new ability to have multiple companies open at the same time, and the ability to more easily manage multiple versions of clients’ data.

Do any of these new features grab your attention?

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2 thoughts on “Details announced about new QuickBooks 2011 version

  1. I wonder how long we’ll have to wait for the UK version? Batch invoicing, yes! Multiple companies open, yes! Those two grab my attention from a strictly personal point of view, but I can imagine many people liking all those new features.

    • Joyce, I don’t know, but now that the UK version is finally using the Sybase database platform (which the US version started using in 2006 version) maybe it won’t lag as far behind? That would be something interesting to try to find out.


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