Many of you readers are already going strong with QuickBooks 2014. But a lot of folks are using earlier versions and have postponed upgrading for a variety of reasons:

* Waiting until potential bugs are worked out of the new version.
* Waiting until your older version is no longer supported
* Waiting until a new version gives you something you really need

Here we are in March 2014. Is now a good time to upgrade to version 2014?

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* QuickBooks 2014 is currently in its fourth release (R4). Lots of bugs have been fixed, and stability has certainly increased since R1.

Most QuickBooks 2014 users don’t have any significant problems with their version.

As far as data errors related to version 2014, we seem to observe a proportionally higher incidence of inventory related errors, encrypted data errors (problems with social security numbers, vendor tax IDs, bank account numbers, and customer credit cards), and user data errors (difficulties when adding, changing, or deleting users, or their passwords, or their permissions).

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Problems with Customer Credit Cards in Enterprise 13

These problems were also present in version 2013, but seem (in our anecdotal experience) a little more common in the 2014 version. Please note, however, that these errors are not typical of the experience of most version 2014 users.

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* Sunset issues. Version 2011 will probably be sunsetted — officially become an unsupported version — this May. At least, that is what has happened in previous Mays: support for the version 3 years back is discontinued.

So if you are using QuickBooks 2011, now would be a very good time to consider upgrading to QuickBooks 2014. (Although you could upgrade to version 2012 or 2013…you don’t have to necessarily upgrade to the latest version.)

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* Features. New features in version 2014 have been well documented by others.

Are you getting ready to take the plunge into QuickBooks 2014? What are your thoughts about it?

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13 thoughts on “Should I Upgrade to QuickBooks 2014…Now?

  1. Don’t get you hopes up. the export from QuickBooks to Lacerte (both intuit products) is mediocre at best and your Quckbooks version can’t be older than 1 year than the tax year (for 2013 taxes your quickbooks version has to be not older than 2012). And when you have problems and you call tech support QuickBooks says we don’t know anything about Lacerte and Lacerte says the same thing about QuickBooks.

  2. Hi, I’m finding that quickbooks 14 seems to running very slowly on all of our computers. Is anyone experiencing this and know of anyway to quicken it up?

  3. There is a problem when using Symantec end point protection that the customer support team keeps saying (for a couple of years) will be fixed but it has not been fixed.
    When opening Quickbooks or Reckon Accounts as it is now called, you have to turn off your protection first. Once Reckon has opened, you can turn the protection back on.
    There is a conflict that you guys know about and have not fixed it.
    You have a list of exceptions and rules to apply but that does not solve the issue. You talk about bug fixes, but the way I see it is a bug is a fault and you are selling a faulty product.
    You wouldn’t try to drive home a new car if they forgot to put one wheel on, so why sell a product with faults?
    Don’t forget though, my main issue is the End Point Protection conflict.

    • Hi Peter,

      First, just a disclaimer, we are not Intuit…it’s not our product. We are third party consultants that help people with QuickBooks data issues.

      It sounds like you are using the Australian edition of QB. I haven’t heard of any conflicts between QB US version and Symantec products in a number of years. In general, though, can you tell End Point Protection to ignore the folder(s) where you have your QuickBooks/Reckon programs and data? I’ve heard of that workaround helping with QB/security conflicts sometimes.

      Thanks for the comment.

  4. Hi, we are still using qb 2010 and currently we can’t save our documents as pdf, what could be the problem and how can we fix this before we upgrade to 2014? thanks.

    • Hi Erick,

      That problem is well known. Please google “quickbooks 2010 pdf printer problems” and you’ll see links about it. Probably the easiest solution, though, would be to just upgrade to 2014. The new version seems to have resolved most of the PDF issues.

      Thanks for the question.

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  6. I have 2011 version of Quickbooks. I just purchased a new computer and would like to upgrade to the newest version of Quickbooks (2014). Can I install 2014 on new computer then transfer my files over from 2011?


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