The Verify/Rebuild functions in QuickBooks are great at identifying and repairing a lot of different kinds of problems in a QuickBooks file.

But one problem they can’t fix is problems in your company’s list tables. Your lists are things like your chart of accounts, customers, vendors, items, sales reps, etc.

If list data gets corrupted in a QuickBooks file, you notice that all or most of your vendors or customers don’t appear where they should. Or invoices or payments get associated with the wrong accounts. Not good!

If you find yourself in this situation, you have three options:

1. Try making and then restoring a portable backup. The indexes and links are rebuilt when you restore a QuickBooks portable file and this sometimes clears up data problems.

2. Restore the last good backup you made before the data got corrupted. Make sure you don’t overwrite your current file with your backup, in case you end up needing that current file.

3. Get your data professionally repaired. Although list damage repair is more difficult than some other kinds of data repair, it is possible to do most of the time. A customer just wrote this note and told us we could share it:

AccountingUsers was a great company to work with. Our Lists in Enterprise became corrupted and we were not able to work with our previous back-ups. They received the file at the end of one business day and the repaired file was ready to go early the next morning. THANK YOU for your polite, quick, and expert service. We hope we don’t need you again, but we are sure glad to know you are there if we do.”

– Ken Bostrom, Universal Accounting

Thanks, Ken! Glad we could help.

Have you ever run into list damage in your QuickBooks file? What symptoms did you see?

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2 thoughts on “Solving List Damage Issues in QuickBooks Files

  1. So… we ran into a corruption problem that I first discovered when I was attempting to take a portable backup for an accountant. After failing to back-up, I ran a verify (which also failed). QBES (the program) suggested that I run a repair, at which point it took a backup for me anyway (which turned out to be corruption-free when restored on another system). The repair did not fix the corruption, and payroll and vendor lists got corrupted. Intuit support helped re-associate the paychecks working remotely, after which a repair fixed the vendor list corruption issues (re-sorting the lists and exporting as a portable file didn’t do the trick).

    So now we have a file that passes verification with flying colors, but we have a whole slew of vendors with information missing all over the place (both bills and in the check register), and no easy way of figuring out how to match it all up again. I’m going to give them another call tomorrow to see if we can sort it out without having to roll back to the file of a month ago and somehow deal with the other nightmare of re-entering all of the transactions since then somehow.

    It’s good to know that a service like yours exists, on the off chance that Intuit (at $900/year!) can’t fix us up.



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