In the last few weeks, we’ve seen a number of data stability issues in QuickBooks 2016 that have surprised us a bit. I don’t know if these issues are happening because of a particular QuickBooks update release, or a Windows update, or something else. Most version 2016 users haven’t had any problems, but from our vantage point in hearing from users who DO have data problems, there has been a definite uptick in database problems specific to version 2016 in the last few weeks.

  • Problems upgrading older versions. In the last few weeks, I have spoken with a number of people whose data has failed the upgrade from an earlier version to version 2016. I started getting more-than-usual calls about this when the 2013 version was sunsetted last month. That’s when many 2013 users were making the jump from version 2013 to version 2016. There are always some people that have trouble upgrading from an older version to the latest version. But there seems to have been more than usual problems with that lately. And the upgrade process itself seemed to trigger the problem; the users I’ve talked to were not having data problems in the older version. With most of the users I have spoken with in this situation, they are having to revert to their pre-upgraded backup (made in the old version) and rekey from there. That’s a bummer if you upgraded your file a month or two ago. In one case I’ve seen, a user had to remain in their 2015 version for now — the data is simply not upgradeable to version 2016 and they have to stick with version 2015.

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  • Broken transaction links. We’ve seen an unusual number of these in version 2016 data recently. Payments get disconnected from bills, and the bills are reopened, as one example. The only solution is to restore the last good backup (made before the problem occurred) and rekey to get caught up, or to manually delete and reenter the affected transactions. Sometimes this is happening to people when they upgrade, and sometimes it is happening to people who have been using QuickBooks 2016 for awhile (without problems).
  • Damaged lists. In some cases, jobs get spontaneously reassigned to different customers, transactions get reassigned to different customers or vendors, customer data gets out of sync on the customer center screen. Only solution: Restore last good backup.
  • Account balances corrupted. Again, this seems to happen during the upgrade, and the only recourse as per this writing is to restore the last good backup that was made before the upgrade.

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  • TLG file corrupted. A TLG file is an auxiliary data file that QuickBooks maintains alongside your working QBW file. We can often take a current TLG, apply it to an older backup, and bring the backup up to current condition.  With the data problems listed above, in version 2016 data, we can’t do that. The corruption affects the TLG file too and makes it unusable for our data repair efforts.

We can repair almost all QuickBooks data problems, including — usually — problems that prevent successful upgrading. Hopefully this particular uptick in unfixable 2016 data problems is a temporary blip.

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Any of these data issues sound familiar? What do you think triggered the problem in your case? How did you resolve it?

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38 thoughts on “Some Data Problems We’ve Seen in QuickBooks 2016

  1. I am having the problem with my QB 2014 after the last update that was sent recently (last few months) that every time I want to send an email I have to give my password. The email is then sent and QB crashes.

    • Hi Linda,

      Have you tried rebuilding your file? (File / Utilities / Rebuild Data). Maybe that would clean that up. If not, there may be data corruption that would require repairs. Thanks for your comment.

    • I was having the same problem after updating R11_40. After numerous calls to QB, I finally found a supervisor that knew the issue. I had to update my e-mail. Since then, things have been fine.

  2. I was restoring from a 2013 backup and could not go directly to 2016. Restored backup into 2015 and then went to 2016 and did upgrade. Everything seems to be ok . Have not encountered any of the problems stated in the article yet. Are this for all Quickbooks version or just the USA version. I am running Canadian version.

    • Shirley,

      That’s interesting that upgrading to 2016 through 2015 helped in your case. Glad you found a workaround. The upgrade problem discussed here applies to both US and Canadian editions. Thanks for your comment.

  3. I’ve been running a UK edition of QB2014 on Windows for some time on Windows 10 with no problems until I did the last update. Now when I start QB I get a popup to tell me that QB2014 is not compatible with Windows 10. Surely that can’t be right?

  4. Changed over to 64 bit Win 10 and did a clean install.
    Solved the current instabilities I was havingin win 8 32 bit, and several long standing issues
    I’ve had with QB2013.I had to upgrade from XP anyway on my main desktop.The Win 8
    was a stopgap.
    A pain but worth it

  5. I haven’t had any issues (yet). Just wonder if these problems started before or after the recent update to require passwords.

  6. This is a very unsettling. How would I know I was having a problem or is it just something you have to be on the lookout for? Are the problems widespread if you have them, or could it just be a balance or two that get wiped out and how would you catch this if they were small amounts for example?

    • Carol,

      From the users I have talked with, it doesn’t seem to be a subtle problem…the problems are pretty obvious. The best thing to do is to run the Verify Company command (File / Utilities / Verify Data) fairly often to check for data integrity issues, and to have your team alert you if they see odd things in the data as they use QuickBooks. Thanks for your question.

  7. Hi There. I have been using Quickbooks for many many years. I have seen the program go through many changes, but lately I don’t think the QB team are looking after the desktop version. I have a client that is using the Canadian Contractor edition. I use the Accountants Edition, both versions are 2016. The contractor edition showed many errors when a verify was done. If I put the data on my laptop and did a verify with my accountant edition, no errors were found. QB suggested we start a new data file, which we did. Yesterday on the new data file, a duplicate deposit was created by the program. I had run a verify and it didn’t pick up on the duplicate deposit in the data. The QB tech’s suggested we delete one of the deposits. WHAT!!! As a bookkeeper I find this ridiculous. What other kinds of errors are happening in our data? How can we trust this program to give us sound financial statements?

    • Hi Carolyn,

      That’s strange that your client’s installation showed verify errors when yours didn’t. The Contractor and Accountants’ subeditions are completely compatible. Is it possible that they had an older update than you installed? Or vice versa?

      On the new file with the duplicate transaction, did you try running Rebuild Data? Might fix it.

      Sorry you are experiencing odd program behavior. Thanks for your comment.

  8. I am having an issue with the Sync Manager (or lack thereof). I had received several warnings from QB that they would be removing the Sync Manager from the 2016 version. Now that I am no longer getting this warning, I get this message every time I load QB 2016 … (copy and paste this link to your browser window …

    It doesn’t just come up once, the program tries to load the sync manager then gives me the error message again. I can’t do a thing until I get that 2nd error message. Any suggestions on how to rid myself of this? It’s more a PITA and time waster than anything else.

  9. We have been using 2016 since May. We are doing our first quarterly payroll reports and forms since the update. We were doing the 941 form yesterday. We made all of the payroll tax deposits and the report we printed agreed with the Schedule B form. However, the form said that we had overpaid deposits by $2,278.91. We cannot account for that number coming from anywhere. We made a deposit of $2,279.88, but QB would have had to add it a second time. We have not run the Verify Data yet.

  10. We paid Bonuses on July 8. The Pay Period ending date was 6/30, since the bonuses are given quarterly. We printed the Liability Accruals & Payments Report from the Pay Liabilities tab. QB is including the data for those bonus checks. The first column is titled “Payroll Date” which shows 6/30. The second column is titled “Transaction Date” which shows the actual check date of 7/8. The report is showing an overpayment for Fed. Withholding, S.S., & Medicare for the Employee & Employer. Those amounts total $2,278.84. If we add the $.07 adjustment QB made on the 941 form, it would be the amount the form said we had overpaid. It appears the people writing the program changed something. I wonder if anyone else has had this issue?

  11. What does a person need to do to talk to somebody knowledgeable about QuickBooks 2016 issues. So all of a sudden balance sheet is out of balance. This is the first error message to date. Go back in updates. Files have been corrupt since the day 2016 was installed. I need information about the problem in order to attempt fixes. The problem was known but not communicated and now support is suggesting starting the books from scratch again. 10 months of books!! Not happening. Support says it is all payable related. I found an AR difference as well. Need to talk to someone involved in repairing the system.

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  13. Under pressure (lost features like credit card transactions) I upgraded to 2016 Pro in September. All good until yesterday. I foolishly let an update install without doing a backup. Never again! When I came back up with QB, balance was off by about $60,000. Appeared to have lost all entered transactions for several months. Fortunately had a 10 day old backup so was able to recover with a couple hours work. Scary… Lessons for me… Backup EVERY week. Backup BEFORE any update from QB.

  14. Good afternoon,
    Obviously, I’m needing some help. I have searched online but can’t find an answer.

    Took a USB drive of my backup to my accountant today. When she tried to login QuickBooks, the login box was gray. She could not login. I put the thumb drive back in my laptop, open QuickBooks and logged in with no problem. No gray login box.

    Created an accountant’s review copy. Once she received the transfer, she opens the transfer, tries to login. The login box was gray.

    I’m using QuickBoos Pro 2016 (desktop). Can you give some advice please?

  15. I really need help on restoring the backup from my accountant. We work together and share the data file. I only research an prepare reports for the Board. She does all of the processing. Since the version with the password came out, I can not restore her backup to my computer. Before it complete the restore, it ask for a password. It is not my password or security question? We are using the exact version. The Quickbooks Techs just say that the file needs to be repaired. I have to upload it to them and then they send it back. It takes days. When I asked what could be causing the problem so that we could rectify the issue, they had no answer. When I asked if we were sharing the data correctly, they said yes, but could not explain why there is a problem every single month. Help me please!

    • Betty,

      So they reset the password, and it’s fine, but then the next month the problem occurs again? And your accountant is able to restore the backup you send, but you cannot restore the data she sends back to you?

      I assume she is not changing the password? Are you and she using the same update of QuickBooks?

  16. Help please! My bank balances are gone in the check register. Instead of a balance it reads: “(Only displayed with date/reconcile status sort)”. Then, when I enter a bill and attempt to enter the expense account, it “blanks out”. Will not let me enter…?

  17. Been using QB for ;many years. 2016 has been the worse one yet.Just to open from my desk to is a chore I have to ( from my task bar) right click open as admit. Then while waiting for it to do its thing to open its off my screen and then trying for I don’t know how long to get it back up. then it just stops in the middle of doing something and shuts it’s self down. Then I start the whole thing all over.

  18. Hi I am using Quick Books Enterprises 2013 Desktop version, and i QBE version.17, i am trying to upgrade the backup in new version, i am facing multiple issues, not doing backup, issue in rebuilding, after rebuilding showing uncategorized income and uncategorized expenses in profit & loss in data from 2006 to 2012.
    i have data from 2006 to till date.

    • Hi Syed,

      Sounds like the file in 2013 has some data corruption. And when you rebuild it, it is reposting some of the transactions to those uncategorized accounts, probably because the original transactions were out of balance. We should be able to repair and upgrade it for you so that the file will verify and rebuild without errors in version 2017. There may still be some postings to those uncategorized accounts, though, because everything has to balance out. You can order service and upload the file to me at

      Thanks for your question.

  19. I upgraded to QBPro 2018 in Sept 2017 because I was having problems. They continue, in fact, quite rapidly lately. Vendors disappear, w/h taxes are already entered in pay check, but incorrect, Paychecks are duplicated in a different bank account. Bills are constantly duplicated so I don’t know accurate A/P. Too much going on. What do you suggest. I did a verify and it did not find anything wrong.

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