Intuit has pulled the R8 update to QuickBooks 2011 and Enterprise 11 and their website acknowledges problems with it:

* Error 1603 when installing the update
* QuickBooks won’t open or stops working
* Inventory quantities are inaccurate after updating from QuickBooks 2010 to 2011
* Rebuild command fails (even when data integrity is OK)

The above link on Intuit’s site has workarounds for all but the last of these reported problems. Some of the workarounds, however, involve uninstalling and reinstalling the QuickBooks software, which is not much fun.

The R8 update is not currently included in the auto update protocol, so you don’t have to worry about being updated in that way.

Intuit says they will update their site when a new release is available (R9, presumably).

We will help pass the word along when that happens.

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