If your QuickBooks company data file (QBW) has grown large, you can use our QuickBooks
supercondense service to greatly reduce your file’s size. A smaller QBW file will benefit you in many ways:

  • Higher performance; QuickBooks runs much faster
  • Less prone to data corruption; more stable on networks
  • Uses less space on your hard drive and your backup
  • Makes updating to newer versions of QuickBooks easier and faster
  • For converting to QuickBooks Online, brings the down size down within the 140MB limit

By removing old information, we can reduce your file’s size by as much as 80%. This is a different process than the built-in Condensing or Clean Up commands found in QuickBooks, and has far superior results in both file size and QuickBooks’ speed. (Don’t know your file’s size? Press the F2 key in QuickBooks to see.)

The cost of the service is based on the size of your file and the amount of information you wish to retain. For a free quote and estimate of potential file shrinkage, please contact us.

The actual process is easy. You upload a copy of your QuickBooks file. We supercondense it. You download the smaller file and enjoy the benefits of a smaller data file right away. Weekend service available.

Supercondensing is available for QuickBooks Pro or Premier versions 2007 and higher, and Enterprise 7 or higher.

Call free 1-800-999-9209 or email support@accountingusers.com with your questions, or to get a free quote.