We asked our QuickBooks User News subscribers about what frustrated them about QuickBooks. They spoke! There seemed to be a pattern to what was considered painful about using QuickBooks. The biggest issues?

  • Version issues: Forced upgrades, lack of compatibility between versions, upgrade cost
  • Reporting issues: Limitations in ability to customize
  • Performance issues: Too slow to load and run
  • Integration issues: Difficulty with imports
  • Marketing issues: Intuit overzealous to upsell/cross-sell
  • Training & usability issues: Too difficult for some non-accountants to use

The good news is that Intuit is constantly enhancing their product. QuickBooks 2011 is in beta testing now. We’ll let you know what’s new soon. Hopefully some of the ‘pain points’ in QuickBooks will have been addressed.

Is your ‘issue’ on this list?

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10 thoughts on “Survey Results: What Frustrates QuickBooks Users?

  1. As a freelance bookkeeper, I have clients that have multiple companies (files). It’s very frustrating that I can only open one file at a time.

    Thank you

  2. What outrages me about Intuit is the latest scheme to quintuple (that’s right, 5x for us) the user’s cost for online payroll. And to force the users to switch to another vendor in the middle of a tax year is unforgivable. Shame on you, Intuit! We will migrate to some other platform for our accounting software.

  3. I use QB Pro for all my invoicing. I have been trying for years to find a way to have the reimbursable expenses “total” show up: indented, in a different color, in italics, or in a different column. It’s so confusing to read an invoice with the reimbursable totals lining up with the other line item charges. Someone suggested I enter each charge individually on each invoice. Well, then whats the point of being able to enter a bill and charge expenses back to the customer, and load them on your invoice? I didn’d find that answer acceptable nor amusing. I’m frustrated!

  4. I don’t push Quickbooks anymore to my clients because of the archaic file locking protocol they use for file sharing. It doesn’t work with Linux based file server systems or NAS. The only version that does is the Enterprise Edition, too expensive for small business. Shame on Intuit for climbing in bed with Microsoft over open enterprise services.

  5. When making an invoice, if i print a packing slip it unchecked the print invoice button. If not caught the customer would not get an invoice printed later.

  6. We can’t be the only business that receives an early pay discount from vendors on the items, but not the shipping costs. I am either stuck with entering the shipping as another invoice (which also means a different payment terms) or putting everything on one invoice (as it should be) and manually adjusting cost for each item. If I would just take a lump discount, then my cost per item wouldn’t be correct for what I actually have paid for that item. It seems that QB could create an item type that payment term discounts do not apply to. Otherwise, their payment terms discount feature is completely useless to us.

  7. I wish it would let me print invoices in alphabetical order! It seems crazy that I print 100+ invoices, and then have to sort through them all to put invoices going to the same company into the same envelope.

  8. I’m still waiting for Intuit to add the ability to get a report on credits used showing the bills that are paid in full by those credits. This is one of the worst problems I have ever had with using QB and can’t understand why this can’t be fixed.

  9. I would like to find a report shows tax liabilities paid, not just owed. Also to change the size of fonts in the program. It is so difficult to see/read with only the small font size.

  10. I am considering moving to Sage as we can not print our invoices in alphabetical (customer) order and this is a major issue as we print hundreds of invoices at the end of every month. Manual sorting is taking far too long and as this seems to be an issue for many users you would think that quickbooks would have sorted it by now.


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