Thinking about moving from a QuickBooks desktop edition to the QuickBooks Online Edition? Check your file size.

There is a limit on the size of files that can be successfully uploaded/converted to QuickBooks Online. That limit is 140MB. This file size limitation refers to the size of the exportable file that QuickBooks creates in preparation for QB Online. It is roughly the same size as your QBW file, but will be a little different.

To see if you are above or below the limit, go to File>Utilities>Copy Company File for QuickBooks Online. The file may take several minutes to create. The file will have your same company name, but will have an .OE extension.

If the resulting file is under 140MB, you’re good to go, as far as having a file that could be converted to the online edition.

If your file is bigger than 140MB, then it can’t be converted as is. You could have old information in your file removed so that the resulting file is under the 140MB threshold, or you could create a new company in QuickBooks, and export/import your lists into the new company, and upload a small file that way.

Anyone want to report their experience in converting a desktop QuickBooks file to the Online edition?

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4 thoughts on “The 140MB QuickBooks Online Conversion Limit

  1. I converted a file that was luckily below the 140MB limit. QuickBooks Online gave on-screen instructions to guide me step by step. The process was easier than I thought it would be. Thanks for your help Shannon!

  2. I do it often for customers. Works great. I also have an easy time going from QBO back to the desktop, the key here is to use IE for the conversion back. All in all, Google Chrome works best for QBO. Much faster. I also use QBO to go from ES to Pro/Premier.

  3. Woody, thanks for the comment. Since you are with Intuit, I trust that you’ve got the inside scoop on these things. Interesting that backconverting QBOE -> desktop would be browser specific. Do you know why that is? 44% of our visitors at the QuickBooks Forums use either Firefox or Chrome…


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