I hunted around to find you the best articles and short videos on QuickBooks 2012’s new features. Enjoy.

Charlie Russell / Sleeter

Excel Integration Improvements
Improvements for Accounting Professionals
Miscellaneous new features
Inventory Control Center (Premier and Enterprise 12)
Enhanced Inventory Receiving (Enterprise 12)
Automatic Cost and Price Updates (Enterprise 12)

Cordasco & Company P.C.
Document Management Changes in 2012

Laura Madeira
Notable New Features in 2012
Accountant Center (Video)
QuickBooks Accountant 2012 – File Manager (Video)
QuickBooks Accountant 2012 – Starter Copy (Video)

Nancy Smyth / Sunburst Software
Batch Timesheets (Video)

Reesa McKenzie
QuickBooks 2012 Accountant Statement Writer (Video)

AppleInsider Forum
New Features for QuickBooks for Mac 2012
More on QuickBooks for Mac 2012

Have you seen other good content online that highlights new features in QuickBooks 2012?

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