I recently spoke with a gentleman who lost eight months of data in his QuickBooks file.

It’s not perfectly clear what happened to cause this, but we think the key moment was when he got some kind of message about the file name, and something about ‘overwriting’.  Sounds like the warning you might get when you’re restoring a QuickBooks backup, doesn’t it?

He told me that he was talking on the phone while he was working in QuickBooks at that moment; he wasn’t paying complete attention to what was going on in QuickBooks.


Multitasking is a wonderful skill/aptitude. But there are certain tasks that merit single-task focus. Like driving a car. Or restoring a QuickBooks backup file.

p.s. This story actually had a happy ending, because although the user had overwritten and lost his current QBW file, he had an intact, current TLG file and an older backup file on his hard drive. We were able to recover all the information.

Have you ever deleted something on your computer and then regretted it? (I have.)

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