quickbooks jobs employmentGot QuickBooks skills? There are jobs out there for you.

Our QuickBooks Jobs Forum lists dozens of job openings every month for people with QuickBooks skills. Those listings consist of permanent part-time or full-time jobs requiring a background in QuickBooks. (There are other places to find temp or contract jobs; see below.)

In 2010, the average pay for data entry work was $10-15 per hour. Supervisory positions and ones requiring stronger accounting backgrounds were seen in salary ranges up to $40K per year.

Forum job listings peaked in 2010 in October with 105 listings. Most of the listings were in the US, but some were in Canada or the UK or elsewhere.

If you want to use your QuickBooks skills in a temporary position, check out the listings on accountemps.com and jobing.com. Some of the most popular sites for short-term contract positions are elance.com, donanza.com, and freelancer.com.

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  2. When you give a user access to receive PO’s what other permissions are granted with that? you can you limited to just receiving.


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