Favorite things about QuickBooks 2012QuickBooks 2012 editions just went on sale to the public. While the list of new features is perhaps not as extensive as in the 2010 and 2011 upgrades, there are still some things that might be quite helpful to you, depending on how you use QuickBooks:

* Better interfacing with Excel. If you export a report to Excel and then run the report again with new information, you can now update that previously created worksheet, instead of having to recreate it from scratch. This is a big help if you did some reformatting in the worksheet — you won’t have to redo that reformatting work.

* Document management. Online document management has been available to QuickBooks users (for a fee) over the last couple of versions. But with the 2012 edition, local document management is built in (the documents are saved on your computer, instead of the cloud). Best of all, it is free. So you can easily attach scans of purchase orders, bills, etc. to corresponding transactions in your QuickBooks file. QuickBooks will keep these documents in a folder called Attach under your QuickBooks file. Nice!

* Lead Center. If you want to manage leads — people who aren’t customers yet — you can add them here and convert them to customers later. This lets you keep your customer list cleaner.

* Lots of Inventory improvements in Enterprise 12: A new Inventory Center, similar to the Customer and Vendor centers. Support for FIFO costing. Serial numbers. Lot tracking. Automatic price increases. Product images. Expanded number of price levels.

Have you tried out QuickBooks 2012 yet? What do you like best about it?

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