I remember the day I put on my then-favorite suit — a charcoal pinstripe — and doggone it, it didn’t fit anymore! Oh man! The clothing that used to serve me so well didn’t serve me anymore.

If you are using an edition of QuickBooks that doesn’t seem to fit, don’t worry…there are options.

Moving from desktop editions to QuickBooks Online or hosted

If you find yourself wanting to access your books from different locations on a regular basis, QuickBooks Online Edition may be for you. Likewise if you need to have other people in other locations access them.

Your physical location then doesn’t matter. Your employees, your accountant, and you can access your data from just about anywhere over the internet. There are also certified 3rd party companies that host QB desktop editions on their server, and you can access your data remotely through them.

If you need help setting up or moving your data over, give us a call at 1-800-999-9209.

Moving from Pro/Premier to Enterprise

If you have a rapidly growing business, you may find that you are starting to outgrow Pro/Premier:

* Sluggish performance or instability of QuickBooks on your network
* Rapidly growing data file size
* Explosive growth in numbers of customers or inventory items
* Adding more and more data entry users

Some of these issues can be managed through supercondensing services, but sometimes your business is just growing too rapidly for Pro/Premier to keep up. Lucky you! Enterprise can upgrade your data simply by opening the company (Make sure you backup your data first.)

Moving from Enterprise to Pro/Premier

On the other hand, people sometimes find that Enterprise is really more than they need. The support contracts cost much more for Enterprise than for Pro/Premier, so there is a long-term dollars and cents difference.

Pro/Premier cannot by itself open or convert an Enterprise file. To get your Enterprise data into Pro/Premier, you can export/import your lists and use 3rd party software to bring over many of the transactions.

Or QuickbooksUsers.com can convert your file for you from Enterprise to Pro or Premier and bring over 100% of your accounts and transactions – even payroll transactions.

Moving to Specialty Editions

Did you know that there are industry editions of Premier that are specifically tailored for various types of businesses? Currently there are varieties for Construction, Wholesale/Manufacturing, Nonprofit, Professional Services, Retail, and Accountants.

Data can move between Pro and Premier specialty editions simply by opening the company in the edition you want to use. The only limitation is that you have to use at least as current of a version as you had been using. For example, if you had been using QuickBooks Pro 2009, you could open your data in QuickBooks Premier Contractor 2009 or 2010, but not 2008.

Need to see current prices on current and older (but still supported) editions of QuickBooks? Find them here.

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