QuickBooks permissions let you permit — or restrict — your users’ activities in QuickBooks. If you have more than a couple of employees’ who use QuickBooks, you probably take advantage of this feature.

When I posted “How to Restrict User Access in QuickBooks” a few years ago, it elicited scores of questions and comments. My thanks go out to all those commenters. Here’s a summary of those comments and answers:

What is possible to restrict in QuickBooks (partial list):

You can restrict…

  • Access by module (Sales, Payroll, etc.)
  • Reporting
  • Ability to change or delete existing transactions
  • Access to especially sensitive information like bank accounts, customer credit cards
  • Access to financial reports

What is impossible to restrict in QuickBooks (any edition):

You cannot restrict…

  • Name-based access (e.g. you can’t allow transaction entry or reporting for some customers / jobs / employees / vendors / sales reps, while restricting others)
  • Changing other users’ entries, but allowing you to change your own entries
  • Access to only selected reports (as opposed to whole categories of reports)
  • Access based on payroll group, weekly vs. bi-weekly, for example
  • Date-based access (e.g. running reports or viewing transactions only data before or after a certain date)
  • Account-type access (e.g. able to view P&L accounts but not BS accounts)
  • Viewing of the item list
  • Access to bank accounts without access to paychecks
  • Field-level access, e.g. disallowing a sales rep from changing the sales rep field, or disallowing access to inventory cost while retaining access to QOH
  • Allowing the entry or reconciliation of some bank accounts or credit cards, but not others
  • Entering a transaction without being able to see the previous entries also

There are many examples of restrictions that are possible in Enterprise edition but not in Pro or Premier editions. Here are a few differences that came out of the comments.

What is possible to restrict in Enterprise, but impossible to restrict in Pro or Premier:

  • Preventing the viewing the Employee Center’s list of employees
  • Allowing access to estimates without also giving access to other sales/receivables functions
  • Allowing access to payments without also giving access to invoicing
  • Allowing creation of purchase orders but no other A/P entries
  • Creating classes
  • View-only mode for non-financial reports, without also giving the ability to enter transactions (e.g. you can’t keep access to A/R reports without also giving access to A/R transactions)

Which of the “impossibilities” listed above do you think Intuit should definitely address in a future version?

132 thoughts on “User Permissions: What Is Possible, Impossible to Restrict

  1. I think it’s really important for them to allow users to see inventory QOH without seeing the purchase price.
    Also really important to have a setup wherein each sales rep can only see his own customers’ information and transactions.

  2. Add an Update: Quickbooks Enterprise also has restrictions to user access that Quickbooks Pro and Premier do not. Quickbooks Pro and Premier you can restrict user access giving the ability to write and print checks without being able to see the check register. Enterprise it is not possible to restrict access to the check register and still give access to write checks for employee reimbursements and customer refunds through the write checks screen.

  3. We use Sales Orders and are required to “close a month” with a password. The people that manage the Sales Orders may need to make additions and changes to the SO for the prior month, but because it is “locked down” they can not do so. They are not even asked for the close password.
    Any workaround?

  4. Is there a way in Quickbooks Pro 2018 to allow a user to access the chart of accounts and not the reports? Ideally I’d like the employee to access reports, but giving that access allows them to drill down and see payroll even thought payroll access is denied.

    • The user needs to be able to go into the chart of accounts and access the finances for individual line items, such as the golf tournament income and expenses.

    • Is there a way in QB PRO 2018 desktop to allow others access to create invoices and block access to any other areas including reports?

      • Lee,

        You can give selective access to AR, but that will give the user access to all AR transactions, not just invoices. They will also be able to open other module centers. Thanks for your question.

  5. Will there be any updates to allow users access to payroll groups? I.e. A user can access part time payroll but not full time payroll, or limit access to payroll attached to direct deposit.

  6. Hi,

    In QB enterprise, it is possible to restrict users who don’t have access to payroll not able to view the GL details for a group of the chart of accounts that related to payroll entries.

    Right now, users can still see the pay details via chart of accounts even though they don’t have access to payroll. But they need to access other chart of accounts details for reconciliation purpose.

  7. Is there a way in quickbooks plus online to restrict users from seeing all reports. All I want them to be able to do you make invoices and estimates, that is it. Thank you Kindly

  8. We ran into a similar situation, referring to your comment ‘Access to bank accounts without access to paychecks’ where my client provided access to a user for ‘banking’ so they may run check details for a vendor without realizing he/she would also have access to view paychecks. I knew this was an issue and never figured out how to resolve.

  9. we are using quick book plus and am not able to find how to restrict the sales person from changing or delete existing transactions (Invoice) after saved .
    plus whoever enter the invoice any user can enter and alter the transaction i.e (Invoices)
    how can i limit the access especially for invoicing.

  10. Most of my employees use our quickbooks file during the day. How do I remove their ability to see everyone’s check total in their paychecks? I set is up where they can’t see paystub information, but under employee center, they are able to see the amount of their peers paychecks. This is a problem since their hourly pay differences are dramatic. Please help!
    THank you!

    • Hi Tracy,

      I agree that sounds like a problem! Unfortunately, there is not a way in Pro or Premier to keep users out of the employee center. That functionality is only found in Enterprise. Sorry no solution! Thanks for the question.

  11. Can I let a user enter credit card transactions but not see my credit card balances?
    Also enter estimates without seeing my accounts receivable in chart of accounts?

  12. Can i allow a user to transect some customer invoices, sales receipt and print customer statement while can’t see other customers information.

    • Hi Abdisalan,

      In Enterprise you can restrict access to customer information on a more specific basis than with Pro or Premier. You probably can’t get the level of restriction you want with Pro or Premier. Thanks for your question.

  13. we have quick-books enterprise and want to know if we can set permissions just for someone in accounting for reminders for invoicing, past dues an deposits. We don’t want our IT help desk to be able to see these reminders, but when we turn it off then I (someone in Acctg) don’t have these reminders anymore.

  14. I’d like to be able to restrict a users access to select reports. For example, we have an estimator who needs access to Job cost reports but we do not want him to also be able to run the financial reports. Right now I can not restrict his access to the financial reports (P&L, BS, etc)

    • Hi Christa,

      You can restrict reporting to modules (GL, AR, AP) in any edition of QuickBooks, but if you want to restrict reporting within those modules, you will need the Enterprise edition. Sounds like the edition you are using lumps JC reports with other financial reports, so it would be all or nothing. Thanks for your question.

  15. I’d like to know we entered invoices in Quickbooks daily and I am looking for features which we can restrict the users to alter prices of the past invoices, is this possible???

    Please really need your insight about this.

  16. Can i give permission for an employee to enter payroll hours with out seeing the hourly wage of the employees in QuickBooks 2019 Emterprise.

  17. I’m trying to find a way to restrict viewing certain employees by payroll schedule. Sometimes when I am sick or on vacation another employee has permission to do our hourly payroll but not salary. As far as I can tell it’s all or nothing on permission to view/change employees.

  18. For years I have wanted the ability to provide user access to a single memorized report such as a job profitability detail that is limited to a single customer or customer type. I want my managers to be able to see how their customers and departments are doing but in opening up that kind of access to memorized reports, they can easily look at all customers, all customer types by simply removing the filters that were applied to their report.
    We should be able to restrict access so that a user can view a report and zoom into the data without being able to change or remove report filters.


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