It’s not that version 13 is unlucky in itself. It’s just that Intuit is about to retire that version, and you won’t be able to get Intuit support for it anymore, or get it to connect to online services anymore.

If you’re using version 2013 and you always upgrade to the latest version every three years — to stay within that 3-year support window — then your time has come to get a new version.

The sun sets on QuickBooks version 2013 on May 31, 2016.

Which editions are affected? QuickBooks Pro, Premier, Accountant, Mac, and Enterprise (although with Enterprise, you’ll be able to continue using what you have until the expiration of your service plan).

QuickBooks Online lives outside the world of desktop versions and does not face version sunset issues.

The online services that are affected include credit card processing, online banking, bill pay, QuickBooks payroll services, and Intuit tech support. (You will still be able to get data services support for version 2013 through AccountingUsers, Inc., however.)

If you get a new version of QuickBooks, your version 2013 data should upgrade fine just by opening it in the new version (but contact us if it doesn’t…)

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2 thoughts on “Using QuickBooks 2013? That’s Unlucky

  1. Shannon Tucker,
    If you charge for transferring data to the new versions of QB every 3 years this shows all of your clients that you only care about your bottom line and not the users of QB products.
    This is why you lost my business. Here’s the thing. Not only have you lost my business but I will actively go out of my way to convince others that sing your praises that you churn your clients to milk money out of them and suggest other client data storage programs.
    Shame on you,
    Eric Jorgensen

    • Hi Eric,

      You sound unhappy with QuickBooks. Sorry to hear your frustration.

      But just for the record, we are not Intuit, and I think that you are unhappy with them, not us. We are an independent consulting company that solves QuickBooks database problems on a third party basis. We can’t and don’t milk money out of anyone. Just FYI.

      It’s certainly your prerogative to dislike QuickBooks itself, and Intuit’s policies. Hope you find a alternative that works better for you.


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