What if QuickBooks crashed…your data corrupted…and you didn’t have good backups? What if Intuit says your file is unrecoverable? All is not lost…

“We were told by Intuit disaster recovery team that our files were corrupted beyond repair.   In combination with our backup company’s complete failure to copy our data file, we were in dire straits.  I chose the expedited service with AccountingUsers as we needed to know quickly how much trouble we were in.  After sending the files in, and a couple of phone calls, Shannon had our files fixed and back within hours.  We were ecstatic.  Thank you!”

Myrna Bittner, California Closets Alberta

“No down time.  Massive data file repaired and condensed.  We are thrilled that we did not have to start a new company file and were able to keep the data years our CPA recommended.  Best customer service ever!  Did what Intuit and 4 business days of down time could not achieve.  These guys get it done!!”

Ann Mahoney, Bates Air Conditioning & Service Co Inc.

“For a few years these problems have plagued us and we’ve spoken with other “Supposed” support companies who did not have the first clue what to do with us. Shannon was great in contacting me and responding to my questions and concerns (especially since it was difficult for me to explain some of them.) I cannot believe that we do not have the problems anymore and we are so grateful.”

Jennifer Szescula, Allegiance Technology Partners

“The data services and customer service received was excellent. I appreciated the quick responses, communication and turn around time of the file. Thank you for your assistance and efficiency during a crucial time of software repair.”

Marcy Ratcliff, C.N. Copeland Electrical Service

“I likes Shannon’s guarantee, if he doesn’t recover the file, you don’t pay!  I approached him regarding my quickbooks file that was damaged and I couldn’t open.  He was quick to respond and his turnaround time was amazing!  He was able to recover my file which saved me a ton of time re-doing work!  Thanks so much!”

Regina Jensen, J&J Consulting

“This is actually my 2nd time using your service and you’ve exceeded my expectations even more this time around.  I contacted you late in the afternoon PST and you had the file repaired within 8 hours.  That is incredibly fast service!!!  I can not thank you enough for the great service you provide, keep up the great work.”

Ed Lem, GLH Tech

“I am very satisfied with the repair service for QuickBooks Enterprise provided by Shannon Tucker. Our company file was repaired and returned more quickly than expected. It was very easy to restore. Downtime was kept to a minimum. Thank you.”

Nancy McClure

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7 thoughts on ““We Were Told Our QuickBooks File Was Corrupted Beyond Repair”

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  2. Shannon…

    We have a damaged QuickBooks file that quickbooks is unable to repair… We currently are able to use the file… Approx 20 – 30 transactions are corrupt, causing an imbalance in profit and loss…

    Can you help…. The best back up we have is going on 1 month old

    • Hi Chris,

      In that situation, you might try simply deleting those 30 transactions and see if that puts things back into balance. If so, you can reenter the transactions and you should be good to go. Otherwise, you’ll probably need to talk to Intuit about having them repair your file.

      Thanks for your question.

  3. My QuickBooks Company file was stored on an external hard drive. Big mistake. My last back-up was from February. We had a power outage and now my file won’t open. I tam the QB file doctor and it says the file cannot be repaired. I can’t even copy it from the external to my computer. Is there anything that can be done? Thank you very much for any help you can provide.

  4. Hi Carolyna,

    Sorry to hear of trouble like that. If you can’t copy it from the external drive, then it’s probably corrupted beyond repair. You might check to see if there are any files in the \QuickBooksAutoDataRecovery folder on that drive. If there are some ADR files there, you can check wtih QuickBooks Data Services to see if they can recover from them. Otherwise, you might check and see if any copies of the data got taken home to a laptop, or put on a thumb drive, or sent to your accountant.

    Thanks for your question.


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