In our last eNewsletter, we surveyed our subscribers about what they liked best about QuickBooks. What do you think the overwhelming answer was?

Ease of use.

They said things like…

“Ease of use and intuitive setup”     (Intuit should like that)

“Easy to correct errors”

“Easy and fun to use”    (Hey! Who said you could have fun with the books?!?)

“Easy to use screens and customizable forms”

“Easy to make estimates”

“Easy generation of P&L”

“Ease of teaching others to use”

“Layout is intuitive. Functions easy to understand and access”

And my favorite snide comment: “My client can easily mess it up, which creates billable hours for me.”

Do any of these comments ring true for you?

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3 thoughts on “What Do People Love BEST about QuickBooks?

  1. What about your question along the lines of “what do you like least?” How about summarizing that. I think your policy regarding backward compatibility will make that list.

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