We recently analyzed and supercondensed a large Enterprise 11 file for a client. Their problem was unusual – one we hadn’t heard of before. Their data’s TLG file was growing at 1.5GB (yes, gigabytes!) per day. And this wasn’t a high volume operation. The TLG’s stupendous growth was unexplainable.

We did remove some garbage records from the file and found and repaired some damaged templates. We also supercondensed it, bringing the QBW’s file size down. But these things did not eliminate the main problem – the exploding TLG file.

The customer reported that Intuit was aware of, and working on, the problem. We found out that a number of other Enterprise 11 users were experiencing the problem. But no one had an explanation.

Until…our client figured it out. He noticed that the new “Search” feature in Enterprise 11 automatically updates its searchable database every hour. He turned that feature off, and voila! The TLG file stopped growing at an abnormal pace.

Why? Nobody knows, except maybe some Intuit programmers who are troubleshooting this even now. It is not intuitively obvious why a search function would have anything to do with the transaction log file, unless with version 11 that file is now doing double-duty as a big search index file.

Bottomline: The end user discovered a workaround that the pros, including the data experts at my company and at Intuit tech support, apparently didn’t know about.

Three cheers for power users!

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3 thoughts on “When a User Was the Best Troubleshooter of All

  1. Did you back up the database.?
    At that time, the TLG file is rebuilt.
    If you never use the QB backup,
    it will grow larger & larger.

  2. SAARay, thanks for the question. You’re right that QB will start over again on the TLG file if you make a *verified* backup. But in this instance (as with other Enterprise 11 users experiencing this) the TLG file immediately (same day!) grows unreasonably large (1.5GB!).

    So this is not what is normal for TLG files.

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