Hopefully this doesn’t happen to you. But it does happen to many: You try to open your QuickBooks file, and it won’t open. It either hangs up, or you get a fatal error.

What then? You generally have two options.

1. Restore your last good backup and rekey some work to get caught up. This is the normal method. You might want to explore an online backup option, if you don’t have confidence in your current backup plan.

2. Get your damaged data repaired. This is not cheap, but it is easy and fast. And at least with our data repair services, the repair is guaranteed successful, or there is no charge.

Here is what a couple of our data repair clients said about their experience:

“I am an IT Director for a large Florida company that has offices throughout the state.  We have been a long time QuickBooks user on an enterprise level for as long as I can recall.  I experienced nothing but frustration when dealing with Intuit and as an organization we were very close to moving away from QuickBooks totally.  We may have outgrown what QuickBooks offers but there is a lot to be said with familiarity, user training and deployment of a new system companywide.

When we encountered numerous issues and problems with our large company file,  Shannon provided the fix overnight by repairing errors within our file and markedly improving performance.  It is great to have him and his team as a resource and as our go to expert.  Don’t waste your time going anywhere else.” — Keith Lucier, Girard Environmental Services, Inc.


“One of my customers had a QB data file that was totally unusable.  And they had not been performing their backups like they should.  They were in big trouble and were going to have to recreate everything.  They did have an old backup from over a year ago.  That along with the transaction file allowed AccountingUsers, Inc. to save the day.  They restored everything and we were back in business.  No re-entry required, at all.  THANKS FOR A FANTASTIC JOB!!!” — Dan Gray, DGE Automation, Inc.

As a business person myself, I understand that finding one’s self with a bad data file is no fun. So I hope it doesn’t happen to you. But if it does, we’re here to get your accounting department back to work ASAP.

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6 thoughts on “When Your QuickBooks File Won’t Open …

  1. I recently had the critical error problem when I started QB2012 Pro. I restored to my previous days backup and still could not open without the immediate error and shut down. I was about to give up and reinstall QB but decided to try to do a repair first. I opened the windows “Add or Remove Programs”, selected QB2012, and did the repair. Thirty seconds later I was able to open my company file without the error. Next time that is the first thing I will try.

    • Hi Ronald,

      That’s a great example of the difference between program problems and data problems. With data problems, you can open good companies or sample companies, but not one particular company. With program problems, you can’t open any companies.

      Yours was a program problem, and I’m glad you got it figured out! Thanks for sharing.

  2. I have not been able to get my quickbooks pro 2013 to open for the last week!!! Help I use this for my pest control business and I need to continue with billing!!!

  3. i have QB2017 and i get critical errors everytime i open QB.. QB has been uninstalled and reinstalled 5 times. QB support even installed 2016 and still will not open (get the critical error) I am told i need an IT person. Please help i need to get QB up and running to do payroll

    • Hi Catherine,

      I think I would agree with the advice you’ve been given. Something is wrong not with QuickBooks itself, but with the way QuickBooks is interacting with Windows, supporting software, security software, your network, your computer… I would get onsite help to troubleshoot that kind of problem. Sorry no magic bullet here. Thanks for your question.


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