My town has an ice cream place with a dot board in it. You know, a map of the world, and the customers get a stick-em colored dot and put it on the map if their part of the world isn’t already represented. By the end of the summer, their world map has dots all over it (it’s a popular ice cream shop!)

Ever wondered about QuickBooks’ global reach? It really is used by people all over the world. Here is sort of a ‘dot board’ of where visitors to our independent QuickBooks Forums are from:

map of the world and quickbooks users
Visitors to the QuickBooks Forums, Mapped

I think it’s interesting that in the US, users are more concentrated in the eastern half than the western half. Lots of visitors too from Australia, which is awesome.

Of course, there are more QuickBooks users in the world than those who visit our forums, but this probably gives you an idea of concentrations. If you are trying to reach out to these users, we can help.

What do you think about the distribution of QuickBooks users around the globe?

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2 thoughts on “Where in the World Are QuickBooks Users?

  1. I have been using QB (US Versions) in India for the last 10 years. I have been using all the versions of US Editions of QB for INDIAN BOOK KEEPING. I found it better than the Indian Accounting Software. Having used all the products, I feel Intuit can develop one Universal Edition that can be used all the world. The Existing US Premier or Australian Premier Version with the little modification can stand very good universal edition with the following ideas.

    1. Allow users to create Multiple Tax Items with various Tax Paying Authority under different Liability Account. This will facilitate users to create own Tax items (GST, VAT) etc., on their own

    2. Please create a Table of Taxes with % that can be associated with the products and services instead of assigning to the Customers.

    3. The Manual Payroll automatically be enabled once, the country and the currency is not US and US$

    4. In the inventory module, one more field to be added for entering the bar code.

    5. Allow users to create own field and value on the header of the invoice forms, if this is done, all over the people from all over the industry will use QB for their own billing and accounting.

  2. That is very interesting, thanks for the comment. Do you think that with payroll and taxes, there is enough similarity in how that is handled around the world to make an edition that could accommodate it all?


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