I spoke with someone recently whose QuickBooks data file had grown by 500MB in six months. Why is it growing so fast, they asked?

I’ve heard variations of that question from many people over the years. So here are a few things I’m aware of that can drive rapid file growth in QuickBooks:

* Increasing transaction volume. This makes sense, right? These days, business is good for a lot of businesses. If your business is growing and you’re plugging more A/R, more A/P, more payroll, more inventory transactions into QuickBooks than you have done before, then your file will grow faster than it has previously. This is a good problem…

* New transaction sources. I spoke with a client recently who has started importing lots of daily sales from Amazon into QuickBooks. This is pumping up their file size fast.

* Complicated transactions. The more complicated the transaction, the more file space it will take up. So invoices with a lot of line items will make the file grow more than invoices with few line items. Inventory-related transactions will take up a lot of space. Payroll transactions will take up a lot of space. Why? Because they are complicated and have lots of backend data connections to maintain. That translates to a bigger data file.

* Upgrading from an earlier version to a later version of QuickBooks. Seems like every new version of QuickBooks makes a file get bigger. If you jump up three or four versions at once, the size increase could be substantial.

Perhaps surprisingly, having large lists of customers, vendors, items, etc. doesn’t make the file much bigger at all. (But it might make your file perform more sluggishly.)

If your file is too big, you can have your file supercondensed, or recreated. Contact us if we can help.

3 thoughts on “Why QuickBooks Files Grow (Fast)

  1. What about the attachments. I attach pdf copies of actual bills when I record bills in AP. Does that attachment increase the size.

  2. I think, the main reason of increasing the file size quickly is posting invoices & bills. Because we post bills and invoices images. Scan images and PDF files are big size. Invoices & Bills File size will be a big issues of increasing the QuickBooks file


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