Last month we took a survey of what people liked most and least about QuickBooks. If you took the survey, thanks!

It is easy to summarize what people liked the most: More than half of the respondents said that they liked how easy QuickBooks is to use. Easy.

It’s a little harder to summarize what people didn’t like, so I’ll just list some categories of gripes:

  • Password requirements. Several people complained about being forced to use passwords. Kinda like seatbelts, I guess
  • Specific reporting limitations (e.g. Can’t print 1099-INT, G/L by class, no report totals)
  • Limitations on doing one thing in QuickBooks when someone else is doing another thing
  • Problems with crashes, freezes
  • Limitations on inter-company data transfers (can’t automatically split a trans across companies)
  • Limitations in functionality in QuickBooks Online compared to Desktop (e.g. backups, groups)

I can’t imagine anything relating to passwords ever reversing course and becoming more lenient until a new kind of security tech is distributed that makes the whole idea of passwords obsolete anyway.

A lot of those other things people complain about should improve over time.

Until then…ain’t QuickBooks easy?

Oh, one other thing. Almost no one complained about the price of the software itself. Nor did anyone commend the price of the software. Pricing perfection.

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14 thoughts on “Why Stay with QuickBooks? One Word

  1. You still don’t get regarding passwords. It’s ok to need a password to log on to quickbooks, but to need a password everytime logging out of one company is not another is irritating and unnecessary on desktop programs

  2. QB on line is NOT EASY to use compared to desktop. My accountant says “Stay with desktop” because some reports are missing from online and he does not like having to work with clients that have online as much as he likes working with clients on the desktop

    • our accountant said QB online would be a good thing. WRONG…I feel like QBO took us backwards 10 years at least in what it is capable of doing. So, so many things I can’t do anymore, and a lot are simple things for the software to let us do…but a huge deal for us users that can’t do what we need to monitor our business. I think QBO needs a lot of work really fast!! I do run across things I like better also in QBO–probably 8 frustrations to every 2 good.
      Will QB please work hard asap on restoring so many basic things we aren’t allowed to do anymore??!!
      –customizing forms is a huge thing that would be easy to allow like before
      –many reports
      –print notes from clients area
      –make notes open up fully so I can see more at one time
      —and so much more.

    • Some people don’t have reliable online access or it is slow. I want to keep desktop because for one, it is faster as well as easier to lock down when I am not using it. Too much security risk for the online version.

  3. We are all big girls and boys. We should have options on the passwords: use, not use, how strong or weak we prefer. I don’t need a big brother.

      • Agreed! I do books for a client that has 7 companies in her HOME office. I don’t need or want passwords to get into each and every company. Then, I suppose according to how many times I access a company, QB forces me to change the password! Soon I’ll have 7 separate passwords for company files that are housed in a HOME – (operative word there), office.

  4. We need to have the option to have a “posting date” and an “invoiced date” like Dynamics/GP has. I wish I would have known about this survey. Somehow I missed it. It is easy… but mainly for cash basis and not accrual accounting in my opinion. Sure some mom and pop some where can keep tabs on their finances with Quickbooks but when you have to really toy with your GL accounts and General Ledger you have limitations. I would also LOVE if QB would have gotten with ADP and made it to where you could import not only GL entries but also job numbers. Having to manually go in the journal to break down labor cost by hours worked to each separate job is extremely time consuming especially when you also have to have some of it hit your prepaid labor account. I hope QB considers at least the “posting date”. My prepaid account is a nightmare every month.

  5. Enforcing the use of Internet Explorer is a problem for me. I have a server running Windows Server 12 and I cannot update that to Internet Explorer 11. Quickbooks will be losing me as a customer as soon as I can find a replacement.

  6. My biggest beef is that I can’t search for inventory items other than by scrolling down through each item. That shouldn’t be difficult to fix and each upgrade I keep hoping…..

  7. Shipping costs should be above subtotal as in NY you have to add tax on shipping cost.


    Oh, well put on your wish list, yeah right that’s what they use at HQ in the restrooms, our wish list.

    have a good one.


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