I am receiving an unusual number of calls right now from QuickBooks users who can no longer get into QuickBooks. They get a message like “QuickBooks has stopped working”, or “QuickBooks has encountered a problem and must be closed”. Or they don’t get an error message, but QuickBooks won’t run all of a sudden.

This problem is showing up in the comments of other blog posts too.

All of these calls and posts have two things in common:

  1. The users are using Windows 10, which just installed an update
  2. The users are using a version of QuickBooks older than the 2015 version

Many of the users are frustrated and confused. Several have told me, “I know this is an old version of QuickBooks, but it was working just fine until today!”

Here’s the deal: Only QuickBooks 2015 or higher is certified to work correctly with Windows 10.

The users I’ve been talking to seem to have been using older versions of QuickBooks under Windows 10 without any problems…until last week! Once the Windows update was installed, their computer couldn’t run QuickBooks anymore.

I don’t know of a workaround for this in the old QuickBooks versions, or if a workaround will come. The oldest version of QuickBooks that Intuits still supports is 2014, and I will be quite surprised if they provide any kind of patch to the pre-2014 versions.

If you are running old QuickBooks and haven’t yet installed the Windows 10 update, I suppose you could turn off Windows Updates, and keep that update from hitting your computer (if it hasn’t already). But it’s not a good idea to freeze your installation of Windows and stop updating it. Bad security, bad IT strategy. So that’s not a good long-term solution.

The only ongoing solution I can think of right now is to get a version of QuickBooks that is coded to work correctly with Windows 10: QuickBooks 2015, QuickBooks 2016, or QuickBooks 2017. Sorry, no magic bullet for the old stuff. If I hear of anything, though, I’ll post it here.

Have any of you encountered this problem and found a solution?

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138 thoughts on “Windows 10 + Older QuickBooks = Fail?

  1. Here’s how I got my QB Pro 2011 to work again after the Windows update prevented it from opening. I disconnect my computer from the internet by taking out the ethernet cable. If you’re on WiFi to the internet, disconnect that. Then my QB pro 2011 opens normally. I do whatever I have to do within QB, and, when I’m done, I close QB, and reconnect to the internet.
    My son suggested this fix, and it works.

    • I agree, this another way QuickBooks forces you to buy a new QuickBooks even when there is nothing wrong with the current version.

  2. I am currently having problems with backing up my data to my local drive or removable drive since I upgrade to windows ten. I am only allowed to backup to quickbooks online. I AM SO FRUSTRATED I am ready to buy a different bookkeeping software. Each time I tried to backup to any other drives I get an error message that I don’t have enough space on my f-drive which is never my intended drive but even when I change/redirect to other drives that have plenty space for the backup data I still get the same error message. I feel screwed.

  3. If you disconnect from your wi-fi the program will work. If you want to remain connected to the wi-fi while using an older version of Quickbooks, you will need to look at your firewall or antivirus program and block outgoing connection requests from Quickbooks.

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  5. I wanted to confirm that blocking QuickBooks from accessing the internet fixes the problem. My issue was that I am running Quickbooks Enterprise 11 and needed to have it still be able to access the local network so that it could talk to the server. Setting the scope of the firewall rule to be “Internet” was what I needed.

    • Blocking the internet did not work for me. I am getting run time errors.

      If blocking the inernet (communication with intuit) allows the software to work, then Intuit is forcible preventing the software from working. Intuit seems to like to strong arm rob its’ customers.

  6. After this tax season I will not use Quickbooks but find another system to invoice and send out bills…..It is a scam….Id be will to bet Shannon works for Intuit…yes or no…

  7. I’m so glad I found this page! Like others, I was getting the error message about “QB stopped working and the program will close” probably around September 2016. I have Quickbooks Pro 2011 Desktop and Windows 10. At that time I called Intuit and was told to hold down the ALT key for a few seconds after I entered my password. That worked until February 20, 2017. When I chatted online with someone at Intuit, I was told I needed to upgrade to a newer version of QB. I found this page, I turned off my internet WiFi connection, and now it works.

  8. I have quickbooks 2017 on windows 10 with outlook 2016 and it freezes almost every transaction. apparently outlook 2016 doesnt work with 2017 QB. Its not just emailing invoices, its all transactions. I can do one at a time and then it freezes. What a joke…

  9. Perhaps it’s the times. These days there are rampant claims of fake news, and in this case I suspect a “fake” problem. In the absence of a network connection my QB 2010 can’t get the word that it’s supposed to encounter a problem, so it runs just fine. With an internet connection it exhibits the problem everyone who finds this webpage is complaining about.

    I think that it’s fair game to leave older software unsupported when operating systems evolve and diverge from the product. But it’s unconscionable for the vendor to design software to fail “on command” within the context of a viable OS, e.g. Windows 10 version 1607 (OS build 14393.693). Intuit may have done this, and like other fake news it ought to be investigated. I suggest users harmed by this apparent manipulation contact their state attorneys general and advocate an investigation to determine if fraud is a factor.

  10. Brilliant! I have been searching for over a week and trying all sorts of things to fix my problem. Unrecoverable error message, QuickBooks Pro 2011 and upgrade to Windows 10. So glad I found this because it works! Thanks!

  11. I need to buy a laptop to download Reckon Accounts Premier Edition 2015 – obviously the operating system will be Windows 10 – does any one know of any problems in doing this.

  12. The poor public allows Microsoft and Intuit to control them. Sorry, you are lost and beyond help.

    We professionals use independent and non-commercial operating systems (like Linux). Our accounting programs are always up-to-date and we face none of your issues.

    It is a simple (and free) task to solve all of your Windows and QuickBooks issues. But they wont solve themselves by talking. Take action and you shall be set free.

  13. My computer updated to Windows 10, and QB opens fine and works great EXCEPT the email to send invoices. It won’t E-MAIL anymore. This is second time this has happened when computer updates itself to Windows 10. My computer guy set computer back to Windows 8 and that did work. But what an inconvenience,.

  14. I just learned of a Windows 10 Compatibility mode that you’re supposed to be able to set for all operations, and thus Windows 10 can be set to operate as Windows 7/8. Don’t know from personal experience if this works, but it might allow users of Windows 10 to continue to use their older versions of Quickbooks.

  15. Don’t let Quickbooks tell you that QBE 6.0 and Windows 10 are incompatible and that’s why you can’t load it. This reinstall was working fine until the registration info came up and I couldn’t put in the validation code. I put in the CD and it installed .net1.1. I figured I’d just reinstall QB altogether, but it noticed the old version and prompted me to uninstall that version. I first tried going to control panel and “repairing” the original version. Worked like a charm. I should have looked at my old CD to begin with. I had written down all of the info, including the validation code, and wouldn’t have had all the pain of them keeping me on hold to get the “validation code”, which was the same as the old one.

  16. I completely uninstalled QBooks(2103), after copying on my flash drive. Reinstalled Quickbooks it gave me an error that it could not reinstall so went to where it asked to “troubleshoot” installed after it troubleshooted then used my flashdrive after to add back to Windows 10 on my desktop. Apparently Quickbooks has a “patch” for this kind of issue

  17. I have to use internet connection to run my credit card from quickbooks. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I cannot email any pdf files because it will not convert them. I have run the file from quickbooks that is suppose to fix it…I have shut it down and restarted numerous times. Nothing has changed.

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    They reverted back to 0 – lucky we had quicbooks on 2 computers – copied onto a usb
    qbform32.dll baslog.dll and eshell one and the feature manager DLL – Lucky I have a great IT guy who found this – Hate WINDOWS 10

  20. Un grand merci au fils de celui qui a apporté ce truc. Dans mon cas, un peu extrême, l’installation de QB Premier 2008 depuis le CD original plantait avec un message C++ (variable à zéro ou autre ..??). En me déconnectant du web , tout s’est bien passé 🙂

    Merci encore.

  21. My quickbooks 2009 is on “the cloud” of a remote server that quickbooks set up. I can not access the cloud since the Windows 10 update. Therefore, my entire business account is lost somewhere in cyber space. Any suggestions on how to get to the cloud?? Anyone else have this problem?

  22. Hi I have installed quickbooks plus 2004 onto a new laptop with windows 10. QuickBooks said it installed successfully however I get an error message everytime I try and open quickbooks and then it automatically closes…any thoughts? Thanks

    • Hi Sarah,

      I doubt you’ll get QB 2004 to work under Windows 10. You can try the tips in the blog comments, but you’re going to be better off running a version of QB that is designed for Windows 10 (version 2015 or later). Thanks for your question.

  23. Hi, I am using QB 2004 and changing it over to a new computer. The program seams to work fine but when I try loading my company into QB on the new computer it says it was saved on a newer version and I need to update (R11 or R12). When I try updating it fails. I’m guessing that is because QB 2004 is no longer supported. How do I get around this? If I buy a new version of QB will I be able to load my company file in it from QB2004?


    • Hi Anthony,

      I don’t think there’s any way QB you find a way to update QB 2004 at this point. Upgrading from 2004 to 2018 is iffy. You might try installing a trial copy of QB 2018 and see if it will upgrade a copy of your data file. If it doesn’t work, you’re probably looking at starting a new company. Sorry no magic bullet, but thanks for your question.

  24. I have Quickbooks Pro 2013 running on Windows 10. The other day Windows 10 downloaded updates and now my Quickbooks won’t open. The screen No Company Open, click to open, then it say Administrator Permission Needed – This Action requires Windows Administrator Permission then there are 2 boxes Continue or Cancel I click continue It opens User Account Control Quickbooks Utility Application Do you want to allow the app to make changes to your device? yes or no then I click yes I get a box communicating with Hosting process the Error codes (-6106,193) Multi user. All this started after Windows updates. Microsoft is no help. Any suggestions how to fix. I have done a repair on my QB still nothing


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