Most adventures are meant to be shared.

Think: The Three Musketeers. Han Solo and Chewbacca. Holmes and Watson.

It’s just more fun to have an adventure buddy.

In life, my family members are often my adventure buddies. This usually (but not always) works out well, and makes for great family memories. Here is my daughter and my pooch, pausing during our climbing adventure up the west face of Mount Yale, in central Colorado.

mt yale colorado

In business, it is good to have adventure buddies too. My first adventure buddy in business was Leif Haug, co-founder with me of AccountingUsers, Inc.

Leif was first my friend, then my boss, then, as we went into business together, my partner. We weathered lots of storms together in the software consulting market. It was fun learning how to make a business work during the infancy and maturation of the PC accounting software world. These days, Leif is working on new challenges elsewhere, so our relationship has come full circle — now he is just my friend again.

These days, I have new companions in business adventure. In particular, I’ve partnered up with some Quickbooks training professionals to offer a new series of online training seminars specifically designed for QuickBooks users. We’re just finishing up our first wave of classes. This is great fun, and it’s gratifying to work with people who share a bit of that sense of adventure.

Who are your companions in adventure?

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