I haven’t had my B2B Twitter account for terribly long, but I’ve had it long enough to know what I like and don’t like about it.


  • Making connections with people in my profession and market.
  • Getting a real-time view of the sentiment and perceived needs of my market
  • Learning about software, leadership, marketing, and technology. And other random stuff too.
  • Finding new business partners, blog partners, customers, friends.
  • Making money. Twitter results in revenue that we otherwise wouldn’t have.
  • Helping people when I can.
  • Following and being followed by people who are interesting, communicative, and who personally engage. My tweeps…I love ’em!
  • Putting a face on my company’s services a bit. When your specialty is QuickBooks data, that could maybe seem a little dry.


  • Anything automated about Twitter follows. I experimented with autofollowing for awhile, but don’t do it anymore. It seemed fake and unable to actually help with any of my social media goals. Automated following and unfollowing leaves me cold.
  • Generic DMs. I respond to a real DM. I ignore automated, generic ones. One step away from spam, in my book.
  • The Twitter fail whale. Don’t understand it. Why wouldn’t a server system upgrade solve this immediately? I saw the fail whale earlier today. Why does Twitter let fail whale mode keep going on and on?

How about you? What do you like and not like about Twitter?

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2 thoughts on “11 things I love and hate about Twitter

  1. Like: The 140 character limit makes it easy to sift through a large number of tweets and click on those I’m interested in. Making connections is great too! If someone ever comes to me with QuickBooks database problems I know at least one person to refer them to!
    Dislike: Those who tweet too much (like 30+ times a day). They seem to tweet everything rather than what is important and useful for followers.

    • Interesting…I had always thought about the 140 char limit in terms of it’s ‘limitingness’…a bad thing. But you are right. It forces brevity and makes scanning easier.

      And thanks for the encouragement about referrals 🙂 Likewise to you if I run across folks needing a CPA in Vegas.


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