When you’re online, who’s the guy everybody loves to hate? The spammer, of course.

The QuickBooks Forums, the largest independent online community of QuickBooks users and experts, attracts spammers. Why shouldn’t it? Just *maybe* someone will click their link and buy a hot tub online…

So we actively police our forums for spammers, and we enforce a “one strike, you’re out” policy. Anyone who spams our forums at all has their posts deleted and their account banned. That means they can’t log in to the forums anymore or post anything else.

We believe that because of the way we have our forum registration process set up, there are no longer any “spambots” registering and flooding the forums with irrelevancies. But real human spammers do show up, as they do in every online community.

We have several moderators who act as constables for the community. Thank you Lisa, Laura, Al, and Patsy! We appreciate the work you do! The QuickBooks Forums also enjoys a virtual ‘neighborhood watch’ of members who report spammers. Thanks to all of you too!

If you see a spammy post, click the red and white triangle icon above and to the right of the post. That’s the way to “Report Post” and notify us that we should look at it and possibly remove it.

Do you have a suggestion of how to control spammers in our forums?

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4 thoughts on “Spammers on the QuickBooks Forums? One Strike, They’re Out

  1. Yes – whenever I (one of the moderators) see, or get notified of, a spam post, I delete all posts by that ‘user’ and, then, ban that user FOREVER!!!!

    It feels so good to have the POWER!!

    So, yes – readers: please report the SPAM postings!!! It is very helpful!!

  2. Why not introduce the entering of a site-generated word/Set of obscure numbers & letters in order to “Submit” one’s post.
    A lot of online forums have implemented this security feature to minimise spammers …..


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