If you run a pretty recent version of QuickBooks, you know about “Live Community” — the connection point between QuickBooks and the Intuit Community. That’s a great support resource.

But it’s not the only resource.

The QuickBooks Forums is the largest independent (non-Intuit) community of QuickBooks users and experts.

There are about 50,000 members, and membership is free. The forum is frequented by QuickBooks experts like retired Intuit senior support rep Joe Williams, as well as several Certified Advanced QuickBooks Pro Advisors, and regular users who have tons of day-to-day experience with QuickBooks.

Check it out! There are subforums for various editions of QuickBooks, and special discussion areas for users in the UK, Australia, and Canada.

The QuickBooks Jobs and the QuickBooks Local Workshops sections help you connect with employment and training opportunities.

See you there!

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One thought on “The “Other” QuickBooks Community

  1. My estimates screen has stopped automatically sequentially updating numbers ie it is stuck at 3421, even though the invoice screen seems to be updating and automatically rolling over to the next number normally.
    Can anyone offer any advice on this please?


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