Do you want a free, continuing education on QuickBooks? Then read a few of the QuickBooks-oriented blogs out there. Here are some of my favorite writers who blog about QuickBooks:

Charlie Russell (c/o the Sleeter Group)

Charlie is a software developer, but he’s also a great tech writer. Most of his articles dig deep into specific features – or problems – in QuickBooks. He’s my go-to guy for information on problems relating to specific version updates.

Just in the last week or so, he announced that he is moving his blog to Sleeter Group’s blog page, so he will be in there with other writers. I’ll be looking for his contributions.

Scott Gregory

Scott is the owner of Better Bottom Line, and a CPA in Ohio. I met him on Twitter. No, he doesn’t tweet what he is having for lunch. He tweets and blogs about best practices for small businesses using QuickBooks. Scott isn’t afraid to call it the way he sees it, which is good in a blog.

Nancy Smyth

Nancy is the owner of Sunburst Software, a developer of add-on software for contractors using QuickBooks. She also writes a great blog about all kinds of QuickBooks topics — not just contractor issues.

Robert Lockard

Robert is a pro blogger for Fishbowl Inventory, a software company whose product enhances QuickBooks’ inventory power. So of course, Robert writes a lot about inventory issues. But believe it or not, he can make articles about inventory interesting and even funny sometimes. Recommended.

Intuit Small Business Blog

Even though they make QuickBooks, their blog is not really about QuickBooks. It’s about innovation, technology, HR, entrepreneur issues, online marketing, and much more. Really well done.

Kathy Ivens

OK, this isn’t a blog. It’s a monthly eNewsletter with great QuickBooks content. That’s not surprising, since it is written by Kathy Ivens, the author of most of the “Official Guide” books about QuickBooks. Check out the archive issues on her page and subscribe if you like it. Best part? It’s free.

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10 thoughts on “These Are a Few of My Favorite…QuickBooks Bloggers

  1. Shannon, great list. I subscribe to a few of those blogs (and yours too). It is not only an important part of my daily continuing education – I also have found it to be fun and a great way to build business relationships.

  2. Hi Shannon, this is indeed a great list and thanks for including me 🙂

    It seems like no matter how long we’ve used QuickBooks there is ALWAYS something new to learn.

  3. You’re awesome, Shannon! Thank you so much for the recommendation. You’ve given me a few more QuickBooks blogs to check out that I hadn’t seen before. I appreciate that, too. Your posts are always top notch in my book.


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