lady waiting at computerI had written before about when QuickBooks is “Not Responding”, particularly when doing data-intensive tasks on large databases. The “wait time” can be reduced by supercondensing large files, but even users of medium-sized files sometimes experience the “not responding” phenomenon.

I was watching the performance graphs in Windows Task Manager during a QuickBooks company verify (with the “not responding” message in my QuickBooks windows tab). Guess what? QuickBooks wasn’t using much CPU power or memory:

task manager screen during quickbooks verify
Verify not taking advantage of available computing resources

Why is that? Why didn’t it use more of my Intel i7-2600’s processing power? Why didn’t it want to use more of my 6GB of RAM? Dunno. It did have some peaks at about 22% CPU usage, but no more than that.

I was verifying a large company under Enterprise Solutions 12. Enterprise is said to take better advantage of extra RAM than Premier and Pro editions, and I think it probably does. But even so, it seems to me to be leaving lots of computing power on the table.

I’ve read about people doing hacks on their Windows registry so that QuickBooks uses more resources and things happen faster. Anybody tried that?

Also, I’ve read that if you keep your QuickBooks information on a solid-state drive (SSD), that speeds things up quite a bit — your hard drive is kind of like extended memory, so there is no mechanical movement associated with reading and writing data. Anybody have a word of experience on that?

Otherwise, as far as QuickBooks itself is concerned, here’s my wish: that future versions use more memory and processor resources than currently available versions do. That would save us — millions of QuickBooks users and pros — a lot of time. Just an idea.

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