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Some sunsets please. Others do not.

…You should see what Sage is getting ready to do.

Starting in 2014, Sage 50 (formerly known as Peachtree Accounting) will start a transition to only support the most current software release, instead of supporting the current AND the previous two releases. (Sage posted their new policy here.)

Sage and Intuit are two separate companies, but until now their support policies for their respective small business accounting solutions have been pretty much the same: they both support the current version plus the last two previous versions.

In the QuickBooks world, the discontinuance (“sunsetting”) of the oldest version of QuickBooks happens in May of every year. So in May, 2013, Intuit will discontinue supporting QuickBooks 2010 editions.

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That annoys some QuickBooks users. But imagine if you are a Sage 50 user. In the future, you’ll have to upgrade every single year if you want to have the support associated with payroll updates, etc.

Sage calls it an “obsolescence policy”, as if software 13 months old is inherently obsolete, like a can of soup with an expired date.

Oh well. QuickBooks users don’t have to worry about it. Be thankful that on planet QuickBooks, it takes three years for the sun to set. And if you’re coming over to QuickBooks from Sage 50, welcome.

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sunsetIt’s just about that time again…the time every year when Intuit discontinues supporting an older version of QuickBooks. This is called “sunsetting” a version.

As usual, it’s the version from 3 years back. So QuickBooks Pro 2010, QuickBooks Premier 2010, QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 10, and QuickBooks for Mac 2010 will all be unsupported by Intuit after May 31 of this year.

That means that you won’t be able to get tech support from Intuit for these products. (You can still get database repair, Enterprise downgrade, or supercondense services through us however, even after the version is sunsetted.)

If you call up Intuit tech support after May 31, they will probably tell you you have to upgrade to a supported version before they can help you.

But a lot of people use QuickBooks without a support plan. Would they be affected? Yes, if they are using Intuit services related to QuickBooks:

* QuickBooks payroll services of any kind
* Intuit merchant services
* Bill payment services
* Online banking
* Email services through Intuit’s servers
* QuickBooks online backup service

Basically, if your copy of QuickBooks 2010 has to reach out to Intuit on the internet to do any of its functions, those functions won’t work anymore after May 31.

Also, if you need to register or re-register your QuickBooks 2010 software, you may not be able to. (See this blog article, however, for tips on a workaround for that.)

Options? Keep using your existing version without accessing the resources above. Or, upgrade to a newer, supported version.

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