We took a survey of what folks thought was the best and worst of QuickBooks. There were no suggested prompts — people just wrote out what they thought. So we read all of the comments, tallied them up by theme, and consolidated the results. There were a couple of surprises (to me, anyway).

50% of our respondents are using the QuickBooks Pro edition. 27% use Premier, and 18% use Enterprise. The rest use Online or Mac editions.

About 51% of our respondents use the 2013 version of QuickBooks. 26% use QuickBooks 2012. 14% use 2011 version, and the rest use prior (unsupported) versions.

First, the positive feedback from QuickBooks users:


QuickBooks is seen as easy to use and efficient at meeting most users’ accounting software needs.

The surprise? Almost no one mentioned affordability/price. That surprised me a bit…that a full-featured general accounting solution that costs under $200 didn’t get many kudos for its price, or cost-effectiveness.

How ’bout the dark side? Here’s how we tallied up what users said they didn’t like:


The feedback we got from users about their dislikes was much more varied than their positive comments. A lot of people had one particular, specific limitation or problem that was giving them fits, often having to do with invoicing.

It’s possible that the complaints about slowness, file size, and instability were all related, but we didn’t assume that.

Thanks for giving us your feedback last month. We try to keep our finger on the pulse of the user community.

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